Member Benefits

There are so many member benefits when you join Playgroup WA!

The Playgroup WA membership fee is $35 per year (Concession Card $15) which gives you access exclusive member benefits, free events, workshops, playdays, fundraising advice and insurance cover to name a few. Not to mention the emotional benefits you and your child will gain by going to a playgroup.

Fee Schedule 
Payment Option One


Single Payment

PGWA Insurance: $35

Semester 1 & 2: $180

Discount: -$10

Total: $205


Payment Option Two

(Two Payments)


PGWA Insurance: $35

Semester 1: $90

Semester 2: $90


e.g. Semester 1: $35 + $ 90 = $125

       Semester 2: $90

Please note that the PGWA Insurance fee must be paid each year as a condition of membership and to maintain insurance cover.

There are no additional fees per additional child.

Payment Details

Fees are for a family – no incremental rises for the number of children you have attending.
Please pay by EFT as follows:

• Account Name:  Menora Playgroup
• BSB No: 306-091
• Account No: 4150109

Please use your surname and session time as reference, eg. “smith wed am”
Please then send an email to your Group Leader advising details of payment and date deposited.


PGWA membership fees will be forwarded to PGWA once all families in a session have paid and enrolment forms have been received. 


Important Note: Insurance To be covered by PlaygroupWA insurance, ALL members must have paid their membership fees. We are insured for February and March, however there is a strict PlaygroupWA deadline of 31st March, by which time all membership reports and fees must be paid. Your prompt payment will enable us to maintain continuous insurance coverage. 


Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact the Treasurer at