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Conditions of Membership

Welcome to Menora Playgroup

Menora Playgroup is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organisation that operates through a management committee and the support of its general members. Our main aims are to provide a safe, stimulating and social play environment for pre-school children and to encourage parental participation in order to gain a better understanding about our children’s play and behaviour. We look forward to meeting you and hope you and your children spend many happy hours at playgroup! Please note the property is a nut free premises and smoke free zone


Session Times
Our play sessions currently run 5 days a week, we have availability in the morning and afternoon sessions. If you are an individual, we can slot you in groups already running and if you are a new group, please contact us to discuss open sessions available.


Membership and Fees
You must complete an enrolment form, it will be kept confidential on an electronic file. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure that all contact details are kept up to date on file throughout the year including your emergency contact details. It is compulsory that all members join Playgroup WA for insurance purposes. This is an annual fee and is set by Playgroups WA, there are incentives and discounts associated with the membership once you join

Payment schedule for 2021:
Payment Option One
Single Payment
PGWA Insurance $35
Semester 1 & 2 $160
Discount -$10

Amount Payable - $185


Payment Option Two
Split Payments (2 payments)
PGWA Insurance $35
Semester 1 $80
Amount Payable  - $115

Semester 2 - $80
Amount Payable  - $80
TOTAL $195

** All fees must be paid for by the 1st week of term**


Late Payments/Arrears
Our playgroup relies solely on fees, fundraising and donations. If fees have not been paid an invoice/statement of accounts will be issued to you and this will need to be brought up to date immediately before any new membership can begin. Please note that failure to pay fees by the due date could result in your membership being ceased


For our playgroup to continue running, it is entirely dependent upon the active support of its members. If possible, at some stage of your membership please consider yourself for a position on the committee. The committee meets every term and it is a fantastic opportunity to become more familiar with how the playgroup operates, have an active say in how it’s run and get to know more people in your local community. All committee positions become vacant at the end of each year. As a member of our playgroup, it is encouraged that you attend general committee meetings held throughout the year as well as the Annual General Meeting, not only do
we discuss issues but we enjoy some wine and nibbles as well.


Annual General Meeting
This is held in October each year and your attendance is not compulsory, however we do encourage you to attend. It is held mainly to elect new committee members as well as other business to attend to at this time.


It is an essential requirement that if your child attends playgroup you help with that day’s duties. This may mean packing away toys, sweeping, washing up etc


Group Leaders
Each group must select a group leader for their session. It is not a hard job and can be shared by two people. The group leaders’ responsibilities include fees collection, welcoming new potential members, liaising with the recruitment officer and ensuring
general duties and housekeeping are carried out in their session.


It is the responsibility of each group to make sure that all the housekeeping duties, both inside and outside, is completed at the end of each session. This ensures that the playgroup is left clean and tidy for the next group. It is expected all members help participate in an extra clean-up roster once a year. Group leaders will organise these.


Menora Playgroup operates entirely on fees, the occasional grant and fundraising. If the playgroup wishes to upgrade any toys/facilities it is essential that we undertake fundraising. Please support our fundraising efforts as much as possible.


Busy Bees/Cleaning Roster
Every term one of the groups will be selected based on a cleaning roster provided at the start of every new year. The method of cleaning is performed is up to the discretion of the responsible group; the group can choose to clean themselves or hire a cleaner; at the groups cost, as long as it meets the minimum standards:

  • All indoor toys cleaned with warm soapy water and dried to ensure no mould growth

  • Toilets/bathroom cleaned

  • Kitchen cleaned

  • Wipe down of play gym

  • Cleaning of ball pit and balls

  • Towels/couch cover/dress ups taken home washed

  • Outdoor equipment cleaned with warm soapy water

  • Sweep outdoor storage area to remove sand, etc


A checklist is located on noticeboard


Playgroup children are aged between 0 – 5 years, as such there will be children attending playgroup that have not yet begun their vaccination schedule. So therefore, Menora Playgroup requires all children that attend our playgroup to be up to date with
immunisations according to National Immunisation Program Schedule, unless they hold a medical exemption. Conscientious objection is not applicable. Children who are not immunised will not be able to attend our playgroup. Upon enrolment and re-enrolment, a complete declaration will be mandatory and families will be required to bring along evidence of immunisation on their first session
for Group Leaders to sight and sign off. Each child’s Australian Immunisation Records (AIR) is available on the Medicare App or website.


Please ensure that for the protection of other children and families that you do not attend playgroup if you or your children are unwell. This includes any contagious illness such as chicken pox, measles etc... Severe colds and thick yellow/green runny noses, diarrhoea, vomiting, conjunctivitis, head lice or fever. If an outbreak of an infectious disease develops from the playgroup, an email will send out to inform all members.


Should an accident or injury occur at playgroup, a First Aid Kit is located in the kitchen. When appropriate, for insurance purposes, please complete an Accident Reporting Form (located in Menora Playgroup Policy file in kitchen) and give to your Group
Leader to submit to the Playgroup President. Report any potential safety hazards at Menora Playgroup (e.g. broken toys,
equipment, etc) to your Group Leader to address with the committee.

Social Media & Communication
Menora Playgroup WA is live and active on Facebook. We operate a Public Facebook Page for everyone to view -
We encourage all of our members to join this page to chat, share and discuss information and also offer each other advice. We hope to create a supportive, friendly online community for all of our members. We will mainly do all of our communications through private email and our notice board at the playgroup. If do not have access to any of these methods and wish to receive information via another medium, please ensure you let us know on your enrolment form.

We look forward to meeting you and more importantly, HAPPY PLAYING!

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